With changing times and scientific advancement, rather than being empowered, the human race seems to be shackled to technology. This has brought about a world of difference in the human lifestyle and nature around. After achievement of all possible materialistic pleasures, we are in search of the routine, which will help us coexist with the other inhabitants of this world and ultimately lead a peaceful life.

The Indian Vedic School (IVS) is set with this aim in mind. It is one of its kind school, where the wisdom of the ancient Indian sages will be disseminated through various disciplines. IVS introduces the disciplines of Vedic Sciences, Vedas, Upanishads, 18 Puranas, Mantras, Tantras, Yantras, Shlokas, Ramayana, Mahabharatha, Bhagavad Gita, Yoga, Vedic Mathematics, Secrets of Gods, Indian Inventions, Mysteries of Temples, Moral Stories, Sanskrit Language, Herbology, Indian Classical Dances and Carnatic Music under one roof.

Vedas, as rightly noted is the storehouse of knowledge and science. IVS envisions to impart this knowledge to all those who seek the same. Sanskrit, the treasure of India, considered the mother of all Indo-European language will also be taught at IVS.

With various masteries being taught, IVS plans of bringing about a complete lifestyle change in the coming generation using all the ancient wisdom, helping the bind everyone together as a global community.

The Indian Vedic School aims to develop the body, mind and soul of this generation and help them perfect the beauty of humanity in totality. Indian Vedic School presents a customised education with the motto "Education for Life".

While most of the schools follows the "ONE SIZE FITS ALL" ideology of education, Indian Vedic School believes in tailor making the learning experience and aims to help students master and appropriately utilise the skill to be intelligent, independent and completely capable to face any and all challenges posed by life.

The final outcome of completing schooling with Indian Vedic School is to unleash the fullest potential of this and upcoming generations. We aim at presenting a harmonious environment for students to be well equipped with 21st Century skills, make them competent and conscious global citizens.

We prepare the future generation to nurture life !!!


  1. Indian Vedic School was adjudged the best "Emerging Vedic School for Indian Vedic Sciences" by Global Triumph Foundation in Business Leadership Summit 2022.
  2. Indian Vedic School has also been awarded the "Best Emerging Vedic School" Year 2022 by SCOO News in Experiential Learning Awards on 2nd April 2022.


Our vision is to disseminate the importance of Vedas. Through this platform, we wish to amplify the interest of youngsters and adults towards the subject and teach the best usage of Vedic scriptures for their benefit. We eventually hope to build a concrete establishment in the form of Indian Vedic School Campus providing a wide range of certified courses to excel in; for people from all over the world.


The Indian Vedic School is here to create awareness, preserve and revive the sacred science of traditional Vedic culture and create an unprejudiced platform for Vedic education. IVS makes the wisdom of the historic Vedas, Itihasas, Puranas, Upanishads, Dasa Mahavidya, Vedic Sciences, Vedic Maths, Sanskrit Language, Moral Stories,  Yoga, Herbology and other courses available for anyone who seeks knowledge beyond limitations of caste, creed, race or nationalities.

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