IVS Curriculum

IVS curriculum is based on the “NINE SPHERES OF DEVELOPMENT APPROACH” focusing on the holistic development of each and every student, Body, mind and soul (BMS). It introduces various learning approaches to meet this generations learning and development needs.
NINE SPHERES OF DEVELOPMENT APPROACH” included in the IVS curriculum are Character, Creative, Collaborative, Conceptual, Connect, Comprehensive, Critical thinking, Communication and Cultural. This approach aims to develop compassionate and productive human beings who are capable to go global with deep cultural roots and lead an empowered life for self and those around them.

All the spheres are integrated into every lesson because “EVERY SPHERE MATTERS” for a child’s holistic development as “EACH CHILD MATTERS” to us.

The main subjects will be taught from grade 1 to 12 and optional skill subject's option will be available to students from grade 6 onwards.